What are Slanted Markers

slanted marker
slanted marker

A slanted marker which is considered an in-between of an upright and a beveled marker,  have a unique quality about them. They stand upright, but the front face does not merely form a straight vertical line, it actually slopes upwards and back. Therefore, the lower section of a slanted marker is deeper at its base and tapers up to a narrower depth. The back side of the monument rises perpendicular to its base.

A nosing upright marker is exactly as its name implies. It has a “nose” or a flat area approximately 2 inches in height which runs along the bottom front of the monument at a 90 degree angle. The taper then begins at the 2 inch mark and slopes upwards as in a regular slanted marker.

The slant markers are in fact a modern twist on the classic style. The beveled portion holds the information of the loved one, while the back and sides can be left rough cut or polished, for a rustic look. Both styles can be made to accommodate one, two or even more people’s information.

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