What are Flat Granite Markers

Customize shape grave marker
Customize shape grave marker

A flat marker with its simplicity, offers a large variety of styles for such a diverse marker. Although most of flat markers are smaller, they still offer adequate space to accommodate the lettering and design that you desire. With our different types of granite and an endless array of finishes, fonts, icons, emblems, images and messages,  flat markers can be the most cost effective monuments available.

Like all Momonu memorials, flat markers are available in a variety of sizes and granite colors, and may be easily adapted to accommodate companion inscriptions, such as a husband and wife, or parent and child. Momonu’s flat markers are cut from a large selection of colors and all granite is four inches (100mm) thick to withstand the heaviest cemetery maintenance equipment.

Flat markers are usually set flush with the ground,  but may also be mounted in or on a concrete foundation or granite base if the cemetery permits it. Every Momonu memorial is crafted, finished and set to your cemetery’s exact specifications.


What are Slanted Markers

slanted marker
slanted marker

A slanted marker which is considered an in-between of an upright and a beveled marker,  have a unique quality about them. They stand upright, but the front face does not merely form a straight vertical line, it actually slopes upwards and back. Therefore, the lower section of a slanted marker is deeper at its base and tapers up to a narrower depth. The back side of the monument rises perpendicular to its base.

A nosing upright marker is exactly as its name implies. It has a “nose” or a flat area approximately 2 inches in height which runs along the bottom front of the monument at a 90 degree angle. The taper then begins at the 2 inch mark and slopes upwards as in a regular slanted marker.

The slant markers are in fact a modern twist on the classic style. The beveled portion holds the information of the loved one, while the back and sides can be left rough cut or polished, for a rustic look. Both styles can be made to accommodate one, two or even more people’s information.

Do I have to buy a headstone from funeral home?

You have rights as a consumer in Canada (in regard to funeral services for you and your loved ones). This is why it is so important that you and your family are fully aware of what services and other products you are entitled to, as well as helping you to be aware of shams within the funeral home business. There are laws that are passed in order to keep you and your family safe from these shams and protect you from other misconduct. These laws, as we said,are installed to help protect consumers that are seeking funeral services for your loved ones, and they have the ability to protect you in various ways, including:
• Not allowing funeral homes to refuse the use of a funeral item or any other item to be used in the funeral service that has not been purchased from said funeral home,
• Not allowing funeral homes to charge unnecessary fees for accepting funeral items that were not purchased at their specific funeral home,
• Not allowing funeral homes to increase any pricing for funeral services, as they are clearly written out for consumers to view before purchasing funeral services and merchandise,
• Not allowing funeral homes to treat you or your family any differently than if you had purchased any type of funeral merchandise from their business.

When looking for funeral services for a loved one, it is important to keep a watchful eye for sham discounts. What are sham discounts, you ask? A sham discount will consist of funeral homes requiring you to purchase their caskets or other  merchandise like memorial in order to receive a discount on the overall funeral services. This, of course, is a sham, and you will end up paying the same amount as before or even more for the funeral services altogether. This is why it is so crucial to be aware of your rights in regard to funeral services and the purchasing of said services and merchandise within the country. It may take some time, but there are many funeral homes who practice correct services, and will help you to save money in all corners, such as buying merchandise from places like Momonu Memorials.

When looking and preparing to purchase any type of funeral services or merchandise, be wary of your rights that you have as a consumer as well as the services offered by some funeral homes. There are many funeral homes that attempt to get away with these “sham discounts” in order to add more money and fees to your purchase. Keep in mind that regardless of these “packages” they may offer, you and your family are completely entitled to your own choices and wishes in the matter, and the funeral home truly has no say in the final decision. It may take some digging, but you can and will find a funeral home that is willing to accommodate to your wishes and needs, regardless of what the costs are. Take the time to shop around at various funeral homes at the beginning, and always ask all of the questions you have; There is no such thing as a bad question! Keep your rights as the consumer in the back of your mind at all times, and take control of the decision making process when it come to the funeral services that your loved ones deserve.

For anyadditional information or questions, please contact the Board of Funeral Services (Sask):
Phone: (306) 584-1575
Email: administration@funeralinfo.ca
or visit www.fcscs.ca
If in another province, please see the contact list (click here)

What are Beveled Markers

beveled marker
beveled marker

Beveled markers which are also called pillows, can form different shapes such as an open-book. The hallmarks of beveled markers and open-book markers are slightly raised and angled faces. These beautiful monuments often have classic styling and details, but easily lend themselves to contemporary and creative treatments.

Beveled markers and open-book markers can easily accommodate companion inscriptions, such as a parent and child, or a husband and wife.

If you would like a low profile monument, but would like the monument to be above ground, beveled markers and open-book markers are often an excellent option. Normally they are no more than 12 inches  to 15 inches high, and the finished face can be almost any size you want, depending on the cemetery’s regulations. Any slope on the face can be achieved, though there are standard angles determined by the height of the front and back sides.

Customize shape grave marker
Customize shape grave marker

For example, a beveled marker may have the dimensions of 20″ x 12″ x 6/3″. This means that the monument is 20″ wide and 12″ deep. The back side is 6 inches in height, and the front side is 3 inches high, which gives the beveled marker a particular slope. If a higher monument is desired, you can order a beveled marker that has a back 8 inches high and a front 5 inches high. Again, these heights may be customized for a different look and personal taste.

Many families choose to mount the open-book or a beveled marker on a base that complements or contrasts nicely with the monument, but almost any color combination could work depending on your preferences.

What you need to know before you buy a memorial?

standard shape Upright monument
standard shape Upright monument

When our loved ones pass on to the next world, it becomes extremely difficult to deal with the loss. We try to pay a tribute to them in numerous ways just to preserve their memory. So what you need to know before you buy a memorial?

Stone has been a popular choice for mourners when making durable final remembrances of the deceased. The tradition has persisted over centuries although the form of the creation has undergone some changes.

Types of memorials:

An upright headstone is the classic memorial one can place on a grave. Its quiet elegance is the reason why it was so popular once upon a time.

The emergence of the flat grave markers changed people’s preference considerably. Beautiful headstones lost out to flat stone tributes because the latter is more convenient for cemeteries. They are low-maintenance and demands really less time from the cemetery workers who, hence, find them easier to handle.

Both headstones and flat stone memorials are made to be extremely long-lasting and can stand for more than a lifetime. Most cemeteries have now made the flat markers the priority in their grounds. There are very few sections available where you can put upright markers.

However, recently headstone memorials are slowly regaining their place in the market because of their timeless beauty notwithstanding the overall preference for flat markers among cemetery owners.

Headstones- Past and the Present:

standard Upright monument
standard Upright monument

Markers were made with individual bases of soft stones in the past. The inscription just covered with basic information with minimalistic design.

That is certainly not the case anymore because constructing a beautiful headstone is now regarded as art. Today, you can make elaborate inscriptions on the headstone starting from the family’s last words to perfectly detailed photos and imagery.

Granite is favored when constructing upright markers now unlike the old times when marble and even limestone were more common. This is because, granite, as a stone, is far more resistant to natural elements like rain, wind, and sunlight. The memorial stone will look as great as the day it was built as the years pass by. Granite is available in a variety of colors but like all natural materials, it is also prone to changing its hue and color patterns across the stone.

Upright headstones are traditionally made of the base and the die which is the upper portion. However, newer memorials have veered from the two-part composition and adopted new designs and stunning structures. The shape of the die is no longer constant and can be customized according to the choice of the family.

One common design is the companion upright with separate wings, mounted on a base. Small ornamental things like flower vases or statues are kept between the wings to beautify the memorial even more. This design allows two people to be buried in the same site with their own unique memorial. It brings together individuals who were torn apart by Fate which is why it couples prefer such an arrangement.

Why a headstone?

A graceful grave marker or headstone will always be one of the most popular memorial styles. They have withstood the test of time and are expected to do so in the future too.

Even with the rising popularity of the flat grave marker design, upright headstones still hold the power to make or break the memorial industry. If you are looking for a tribute that will inspire respect and dignity among the viewers, then a headstone is the best choice.

By personalizing a headstone, you can pay a unique tribute to the loved one you have lost. Take inspiration from the happiest moments you spent with the deceased and fashion the memorial accordingly. While convenience is a big factor to consider when making any choice in today’s times, you cannot make any compromises when it comes to making memorials.