Order Monument Directly From Factory

By ordering a customized monument directly from a factory in China,  and You can  SAVE 50%,  if you design it your self.  Why?

1, You save 30 to 40% if you design it your self and provide your design when you order.   Monument is always manufactured individually by an order. A design process is a must, and it takes many rounds of communication between designer and client. This design cost is added up to the total price of the monument, and it usually takes 30-40% of the total costs. For example, a pillow style monument is price at $1000, but the granite ,which is ready for engraving, costs only $100, the engraving costs $250, the design process cost $300 and even more.

2, By ordering directly from factory in China, you save many middle-man cost.  The mid-man cost and warehousing  cost are well above the freight cost from China to US or Canada.  By ordering directly from factory in China, you save another 10-20%.

And now the last question:  how much time do I have to spend in designing a monument online? Surprisingly to know that it take only 5 to 30 minutes to design a monument online at Momonu.com. On the other hand, it will take you hours if you complete the design process with a monument designer by phone, email or in person.